You all might have heard the about Mazebits its one of our successful development venture in ICO launching till now. Mazebits is the premier digital investment platform that is decentralized, peer to peer, fast, simple to use, with extremely low transaction fees. We have developed Coin Exchange and live transaction of Coin to USD transaction is taking place on daily basis.
Mazbits Wallet is also developed, it is one of the most secure with cipher encryption transition.

Check out our website for more information.

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ICO is live. if you want to invest, invest it now !! Its based on blockchain for public investment. Its truly decentralized for global public investments and used as payroll integration. Romancoin platform is a new innovation and unique opportunity that allows anyone from beginners to professional to Investbot in and auto manage digital assets, Buy and sell multi currency, Stake and auto trades, Serve as a currency for in-app payments. Romancoin stage is based over Blockchain innovation to use security and straightforwardness.

The whole roadmap, white paper, and other detail are available Website.

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NRC Coin

NRC COIN, are the ongoing process where we are working on building NCR coin on the blockchain Model. It's been developed on Scratch on blockchain technology included with the functionality of Mining and rewarding system. The initial price of the coin and other detail will be mention in a white paper which is in discussion and development phase of the company. However here the great thing for your look is Wallet and Exchange as developing phase. These both thong you can see by logging in with our Demo credential.

User name:
Password: Demo123456

Here you can see how the Exchange, transfer coin and wallet functionality work for new coin developed from scratch.

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Bunny Token

The bunny token is Singapore based ICO for token generation, it was success full token and have reached to its required milestone as mention in its White Paper. The best part of Bunny token is its use in the adult industry segment which requires such innovation to take care of their payment process.

BunnyToken is a payment solution platform based on the Ethereum blockchain allowing reliable, fast and anonymous payments.

The online entertainment industry has always been at the climax of technological innovation and an undeniable part of every successful medium in history, from print to television to the internet. We believe this market is ready to merge with blockchain. With BunnyToken all payments for the entertainment industry will be reliable, secure and anonymous.

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