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Infestation of Technology Inundated with Larger than Life Mobile Applications Pierce through The Urban Generation and Resides in a Tiny Handheld Device.


iPhone App Development

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Android App Development

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App Stratergy:

In order to Start designing an App there is a need of defining a stratergy for it. By having Correct Blueprint for an Application impacts upon the unnecessary issues while developing it. Having a directional strategy always rescues the app from Development hell.

The following points can described as the requirements for Stratergy

  • Application Category
  • Size of Application
  • Having a Blue Print about Development
  • Cross-Device Compatibility

App Designing:

The Design of Application also plays a key role in captivating user attention. Having correct and effective design always pays off. The most common blunders in designing an Application is having a too simple design or too complex design.

At Creadigol the importance we give in designing an application is same as developing an application

IPhone Applications Development:

We has Rich Experience and Expertise in the development platform/SDK, in Mac OS X and mobile/wireless technologies. We develop applications for various devices varies from Iphone to Apple watch.

Android Applications Development:

Our Android Applications are able to support new clients & projects and enable us to pursue a cost-effective Mobile app developing environment. We have Handled more than 30+ Projects in Development of Android Applications and proud to announce that more than 25 of them have more than 10k Downloads in Play Store. At Creadigol we follow certain steps while developing Android Applications,

  • STEP 1: Discover and Understand
  • STEP 2: Design User Oriented Interface
  • STEP 3: Create Prototype Rapidly
  • STEP 4: Build Visual Brand

Support and Maintenance:

Providing excellent support is one of the positives at creadigol. We have top notch technical team who are faster while responding to queries of clients.

At Creadigol we offer stellar and slick maintenance for developed applications. We understand that creating a product with innovation is not a simple process. Our Maintenance functionality of a product depends upon its divergence, its context, and its opportunities involved.

App Marketing:

For any company which has it's own application should have a clear path to follow in promoting it. Generally marketing strategy of mobile applications is focused on App Store Optimization score. We Creadigol help you to achieve that score.

App porting:

With help of App Porting, we help your application to acessable in cross platforms. We mastered the code reusing and can port your application into any platform irresective of it's original one.

Our Target points are:

With help of App Porting, we help your application to acessable in cross platforms. We mastered the code reusing and can port your application into any platform irresective of it's original one.

  • To provide Quality oriented service
  • To increase your out reach
  • Taking Advantage in platforms of Android, Windows
  • Low Cost oriented services.

IOT and Wearable devices:

While Making an IOT app a lot of factors must be taken care of as communication with an external device is difficult. For No Lag in communication between the app and the device the requirements play important role.

At Creadigol we offer excellent wearables that play crucial role in developing designs for Android and Apple apps.