We provide best service because of our amazing teams. We provide services on the basis of client's need and prefernece. There is no project too big or too small for us we work with dedication for all our projects.



This is our secret sauce.

Prototyping answers all the questions and let you know the hidden facts though the process every detail about your idea, core value, critical problems everything can be explained through prototyping, so that the product can be easily made into development after prototyping. You will get clickable prototype at the end of session. After prototyping, you'll have product fully developed and knowledge about market value regarding competition and where it stands in market.

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Define Concept

We first take deep dive into the concept of product. After that we try to find core problems and we explore all the features and the changes need to be done.

Solving Problems

After understanding the concept and all the critical problems its time to find solutions we roughly sketch many solutions and after deeper analysis we narrow it down and settle to one.

Establishment of tools

Now that all the steps are done, your product is developed, its time for us to provide final touches by providing tools. Our team of expert designers and engineers will provide you amazing clickable prototype that you can share with potetial customers.

Mobile Development

We have helped people from diverse fields right from Celebrity to boutique and what not.


What we believe in.

We do not limit ourseleves just being coders we believe and expertise in strategies of product. We work with certain set of principals so that your startup can be successful. Our expertise in this field and experience makes it perfect for us to stand out, we've helped many such startup enthusiasts to ful-fill their dream. Our unique style of working and our designs gives sense of satisfaction when we present beautiful app in very less price.

iOS Development

We believe in presenting peice of work which looks elegant despite of all the coding we want to make it easy for users to function so that whenever it is upgraded to newer versons it becomes easy for users to use.

Android Development

Similarly, we create applications for android so that people can use it on wider basis and to make it easy to store the data of users.


Web Development

Website has it own perks when it comes to marketing strategies. We build beautiful websites so that can attract more and more users. With various tools like live, Faqs and many other tools we'll make it look attractive for users.

Beauty & Beast

This sounds sort of cliche but thats how we work we won't compromise any of it either, while making sure that everything looks amazing we will make it sure that the codes and functions of system is also amzing on the other side so there is no fuss for users.

For Users

Our main aim is to make it easy for users to use. We approach to development of website and app in same way and at same pace. We amalgamate reseach, design and testing into one so the end product is always fruitful. In short, we provide what exactly user wants.


User Acquisition

Through this, we will help you to grab real customers to your
webite and apps. Our experts will help you in marketing
strategies. We will let you know the dos and dont's for the early
career of your product. Our expertise can help your business to
grow in full scale.


Growth Marketing Strategies

We derive inspiration from our centric apps and drive it into user acquisition. We will derive test so that we can generate greatest growth budget and can track what our users want and how can we help.


Our Skills...

We've learned many tricks in very short time. We will use our main ingredient to build your product too which will help to gain some funding.


Main Aim

We want you to ace the game in market be it mere 100 users or a million we will keep on trying to make the app better for users to use.

Emerging Technology

Apart from application and website development we merge in all the technlogical developments into your product so that the product are trending with technology and easy to use.


Virtual & Augmented Reality

The future of digital products lies in reality and accordingly virtual reality is future of technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the emerging technology and it is must have to build products. AI is the only way to reshape the world with the help of technology. We will build product with the help of Al we will build custom AI for your product.

Blockchain, Token Development, ICOs for Cryptocurrency

No one knows which coin will end up dominating in future but cryptocurrency will for sure play major role inn economies in future. If you want to go in that direction we will help you before it goes mainstream because we ourselves are cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Chatbot Development

Chatbot is also one of emerging technologies. Instead of buttond and icons, chatbot uses human speech to interactive with users. We can introduce it to you so that users can have automate customer support with human touch to interact with users. All users have to do is start conversation. Chatbot will give brand to its startup.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is form of AI which helps algorithms to make associations by training vast pool of data.We've built huge number of algorithms on various projects and its been great experience for users as well as startup founders.


Teamwork is everything

We believe in working as a team. With your ideas we as a team build a concept. We can easily work on any frameworks.


Digital Transformation: Business Analysis and Case Study

Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems often utilising cloud computing, reducing reliance on user owned hardware but increasing reliance on subscription based cloud services.


Software Development: ERP and CRM

DescriptionSoftware development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.


IOT Applications Development

IoT application development is not just limited to connecting devices on a network but is more perplexing than any other business solution. As the development of IoT solutions and systems is at its full pace, it is of utmost importance to understand the necessities and stack involved in an IoT application.


Testing and QA Services

We provide the talent, expertise, and tools to deliver your product with a faster time-to-market, measurable improvements in quality, and cost reduction. Leveraging our services allows you to test earlier, more often, and identify defects when they are less costly to remediate.

Plugins and Web API Development

We will create the service in a plugin built for the Atlassian reference application, RefApp. The RefApp encapsulates common components of the Atlassian platform. Thus, it serves as a platform against which you can create plugins targeted for multiple Atlassian applications.

Remote IT Staffing

TeamPlus Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd. lends you a helping hand to offer the best remote/ virtual employees for all your staffing needs in India and also across the globe. Prior to connecting them to you, we ensure that they are timely-committed, dedicated and as professional to the work as per your needs for the same.



Just a step for your success

Don't think much. You need just this one step to be successful. We are here to make all your dreams come true. Reach out for us so we can help you in all the ways we can.