Some Freelancers are Good Developer or Bad Tester. Both Correct :)

Personally Started my journey in Software world as being a freelancer and then grown the own team with people and converted it to a company. However always feeling as something is missing which is restricting myself providing best service and quality to my client & that thing is TESTING.

Don't take personally but this state correct for major freelancers as we usually do multiple works together like

  • (1)  Managing clinet
  • (2)  Managing Deadline
  • (3)  Searching for new work
  • (4)  Managing Personal Life
  • (5)  Developing project
  • (6)  managing new client requirement
  • (7)  Changing structure
  • (8)  Testing Specific Module while developing
  • (9)  Solving New issue generated
  • (10)  Watching video on youtube and many more

Hence we found like while developing Generally Freelancer put all their effort on development of specific module of application with the best technology but forget to check how the set of global variable effect another set of code or functionality, how the issue solved at one screen effect the other set of the screen. Even the single line of change need to get the application tested whole again to Rectified the application. Because for the end user the "App crash is a crash " Doesn't matter its null pointer exception of popping wrong toast.

Considering Testing as the main segment for application to be above the competition and providing best user experience, we have come up with a platform where Tester is usually normal user, students, college guys, working women, handsome Man and beautiful Girls. They will check the application and will provide you all end user issues with a screen shot. Definitely, they will be paid but Paid only for a number of issues they find.

Below is the whole procedure of the process, its tested verified and working with 85 Tester and 212 Application

Step 1)   Developer Submit Application with Overview document as what type of work the application is expected to perform
Step 2)   Developer Submit $5 with application, equivalent to 10 issues cost ( As 1 Issue will cost $0.5 only )
Step 3)   Tester "A" will check and submit the issues to Website with detail of the error, steps he followed to get the error, Screenshot of error if possible
Step 4)   Tester " B" will verify the issues of tester "A" and mark them genuine or fake or accidental
Step 5)   Developer get the report, detail of devices as type, os, Model and screen shot

The developer just needs to rectify the issues and if wish needs to submit the application again for testing and the same procedure will follow.

As per our experience, a complete application passed 3 times through this procedure is 99% issue or error free and fully tested for any device or environment. Hence average spending $15 will provide you best application, satisfied user, ahead of the competition and less time spent on debugging and rectifying application.

Consider like all things are going automate and we want to test to be automated, but remember the end user of technology is the human being, hence final testing from human being will only provide you the unique way to come out with issue free application.

This unique idea can after we deliver 50 Application and have around 30 among them unsatisfied client because of lengthy time duration and low testing. So we have now developed open platform where any user can put their application for testing and any person in world can be the tester. Also you developer can select as tester need to be of what age, geogrophy, gender to get better response and feedback on application.

If you like the idea and wish to be part of it as Developer or Tester then do contact us at below mention website.


Happy testing !!